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Shaft Grounding Bearing Protection Rings available as kit item or installed.
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Sustainable Motor Design - Prevent Bearing Failure

AEGIS® Bearing Protection Ring- protects motor bearings for life. Variable frequency drives (VFD) induce electrical voltages onto the shaft of AC and DC motors. With AEGIS® SGR Bearing Protection Ring installed on the motor, you benefit from sustainability, system up-time, production improvement, and higher reliability. 

VFD Induced Shaft Voltages - All Motors

Damaging voltages are induced on the shafts of AC and DC motors controlled by variable frequency drives (VFD). The extremely high on/off switching speeds of the pulse width modulation (PWM), generated by the insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT), induce damaging voltages onto the motor shaft through parasitic capacitive coupling between the stator and rotor. This common mode shaft voltage seeks a path to ground, usually through the motor’s bearings. 

Electrical Damage in the Bearings (EDM) - Pitting, Fluting, Failure

Damaging currents arc through the dielectric oil film between the rolling elements and the bearing race. This is known as electrical discharge machining (EDM) effect. EDM causes fusion craters, severe pitting, and eventually bearing fluting (a washboard-like pattern in the bearing race) which results in premature bearing failure. 

High Frequency Circulating Currents in Large AC and DC Motors

In addition to potential bearing failures in motors from VFD induced EDM currents, AC and DC motors above 100 hp (75 kW) may also experience bearing failures caused by high frequency circulating currents. VFD induced high frequency circulating currents are in the kilohertz or even megahertz range and circulate through the motor’s bearings because of magnetic flux imbalances in the stator. This type of VFD induced current becomes the more dominant destructive current in higher hp/kW motors.