Gray Line NEMA EPAct JM/JP Pump Series

1 - 50HP, EPAct Rated, Three Phase (TEFC)
Catalog Section (JM/JP)
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Definite Purpose Product Overview

Three phase, enhanced performance closed coupled pump motors. Cast aluminum 215JM/JP and below, cast iron 254JM/JP and above, EPAct rated. Features a multi-mount arrangement incorporating bolt on feet and flange mount configuration. 2 and 4 pole, 1 to 50HP.

Basic Specifications

Standard Features

Operating Parameters


Up to and including 215JM/JP frame:

254JM/JP frame and larger:

Ingress Protection

The standard degree of enclosure protection is IP55 (increased IP protection is available). Both drive end and non-drive end are fitted with double lip oil seals, including a rubber shaft slinger on the drive end. Conduit box lid is sealed with a fitted rubber gasket. DE/NDE endbell fitted with sintered brass one-way drain.

Insulation and Inverter Rating

  • Class F insulation 
  • Designed to Class B temperature rise
  • Vacuum Impregnated         
  • Inverter Rated 20:1 Constant Torque (1.0 S.F. on VFD Power) per NEMA MG 1 Part 31 standards