Right Angle Worm Gear Reducers

Varvel Right Angle Worm RT

Sizes RT28 - RT110, Ratios 5 - 100:1, Inch and Metric Options

Doerr Right Angle Worm Gear

Sizes BQ133 - BQ325, Ratios 5 - 60:1, Single Reduction Worm

Helical Inline Gear Reducers

Varvel Helical Inline RD

Sizes RD0 - RD6, Ratios 2.5 - 600:1, Inch and Metric Outputs

Varvel Helical Inline XA

Sizes XA63 - XA100, Ratios 3.4 - 8.4, Single Stage Reduction

Varvel Mechanical Variator FVS

Sizes VS63 - VS112, 5:1 Variable Ratio Configuration

Parallel Shaft, Shaft Mounted and Bevel/Helical Gear Reducers

Varvel Bevel/Helical RV

Sizes RV1 - RV6, Ratios 6.3 to 560:1, Metric Bore

Varvel Bevel/Helical RO

Sizes RO1 - RO6, Ratios 6.3 to 560:1, Metric Bore

Varvel Parallel Shaft RN

Sizes RN1 - RN6, Ratios 6.3 to 560:1, Metric Bore

Auger Gear Reducers (For Farm Feeding Systems)

Varvel Auger Reducers RP

Size RP90, Ratios 4.71 & 7.01:1, Single and Double Hole Shafts

Toledo M164 Style Auger Reducer

Size M164, Ratio 4.81 & 6.48:1